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Frustrated with the limited use you get from your communications system? No more standing in just the right spot to use your wireless communications service! With our help your communications service can:

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Thank you for visiting our site in your search for improved wireless coverage and new radio system links. Corsico RF Communincations Inc is a professional corporation engaged in system design, system implementation, and construction for wireless coverage extension and radio communications links. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is the core system type that we design and implement, but we engineer and implement all types of radio signal distribution systems and radio links. In the following pages, you can learn about the wireless service technologies that we support, typical applications, system solution types, and the variety of DAS, cell site, and other related radio system services that we offer.

We serve the following radio communications industry segments:
- Cellular
- Public safety and 2-way
- WiFi
- RFI/EMI investigation and radio interference mitigation
- RF link engineeering and build: for example, SCADA links for data and control

We serve these customer groups needing wireless coverage extension:
- Wireless service providers
- Business and industry customers
- Engineering, Architectural, and other contractors needing DAS design and implementation as part of larger projects or customer service packages
- Public communications agencies, both for public safety and general government radio communications
- Universities
- Health care providers
- Transportation

We engage in a large variety of radio and wireless engineering tasks, including EMI/RFI investigation and resolution.

FAQ’s for DAS: You may want to visit our page answering frequently asked questions about legal DAS operation. This topic has become more important with the new FCC rules issued in 2013.

Please browse our site and learn what we can do for your communications extension needs, and then contact us with any questions and needs for services and systems.